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Education and Awareness Programs :
  To start educational institutional of technical / non - technical nature to cater to the educational needs of the socially and economically down trodden people.
  To conduct adult formal / non - formal literary programs for the grass root level artisans.
  To iniate, manage training centers to help women learn arts and crafts.
  To collect, diffuse knowledge and information to the artisans to refine their skills
  To grant scholarships or any other kind of assistance in case or kind to the deserving candidates towards their academic pursuit.
  To organize talks,seminars,camps and platforms to motivate and encourage the participation of youth in skills development and their relation to the gross national product, job oppertunities, food resources, environmental problems, ecological development, family status and welfare services.
  To associate with state / central recognized scientific research institutions in order to promote education and our indian culture.
Welfare of the old age persons, socially / physically /mentally handicapped :
  To engage in all activities related to the rehabilitation of orphans,destitute women and the infirm, rehabilitation of HIV children.
  To strive for the eradication of child labour, by implementing suitable alternatives for their rehabilitation.
  To formulate, initiate and implement vocational training projects / programs for development of skills of the physical / mentally handicapped and help them to become an asset to the society.
  To estabilish, maintain and run children homes, old age homes and orphanages a widowa care centers to care for the needy.
Women and Child Welfare :
  To implement programs to raise the literacy of women.
  To educate woman on nutrition, hygiene and prevention of communicable diseases.
  To organize schemes to improve the status of the femal child and eradication femal infanticide.
  To assist in the prevention of childhood disability, promote early detection for rehabilitation.
  To assist the deserving girls in their matrimonial expenses.
Health :
  To assist medical facilities for cardio problem children.
  To organize schemes to regular blood denote camp.
  To provide counseling services.