Welcome to Masilamani annai Charitable Trust - Objectives
To make th people aware and gain the knowledge of the Govt.programme and assisting the Govt., departments in implementation.
To establish Training centers and Demonstration farms for the benefit of the villagers not for purposes of any gain or profit.
To help villagers to form their own organizations to work for their development.
To undertake education work on prohibition, artocities against women. Health and Family welfare,National integration and eradication of caste system.
To assist the all, marginal farmers and landless workers in appropriate areas to increase their standard of livings.
Specific activities being carried out by Masilamani Annai Charitable Trust:
  Promotion of women Self Help Groups (SHGs).
  Revolving loans for women Self-Help Groups (SHGs).
  Environmental Awareness Programme.
  Youth developmental Awareness Programme.
  Youth development and child development programmes.
  Entrepreneurship Development Training programme.
  Children's women's development programme.
  Income generation programme for rural poor.